Enjoyed the post, especially loved the "Where in the World" are Chris and son buried.

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The footnotes are the best. I bet your friends don't remember whose idea it was to fly out of Seville.

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Thanks for another great post!

I love the Seville Cathedral (and the Bell Tower), it's actually classified as the "largest Gothic Cathedral" in the world. I love the views from the tower and its amazing to get there on the hour to hear the bells go off all over town. It's one of the best views of Seville (outside of the restaurant/bar at the top of the red tower near Triana.

The Alcazar is definitly worth a visit as well (or a few), the gardens are stunning and there is a great cafe to hang out with a snack as the Peacocks stroll up to you to beg for your crumbs (Alcazar dogs?). The history in this beautiful building and the tapestries are not to be missed.

Have you visited Huelva? They have a "Chris" museum and it will really rock your historical roller coaster. They have the "full" history, and not the one we were taught. He wasn't a great guy and was put in jail by the queen for enslaving the people of the islands (because he really never made it to mainland America right).

The queen of Spain considered any territories (or islands in this case) they captured to be "Spanish Lands", and as such the people would also be "Spanish" and you never enslave your own people. Anywhoo, there were some nasty slaughters and some bad stuff going on during his trips (he never found the "gold" he promised the queen too).

This is one of the magical things about living in Europe and history, you can learn more of the truth from the source. So we had "fake news" in our school books before it was coined as such.

They have letters from the queen on display and "real history" as well as copies of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria (Caravelho style invented by the Portugese). You can walk on the ships and see what life was like back then sailing in these ships crossing the sea.

Also, everyone fights over Christopher Columbus' origin. The Portuguese, Spanish and even Italians/French claim that he was from their country.

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We love Sevilla. Our daughter lives in Mallorca and we go to visit her 1-2 times/year, always flying out of Sevilla. I usually try to get my wife to go a day early so we can spend the night and catch a flamenco show. Although we have been in the cathedral 2-3 times we have never taken the tour. Maybe next time.

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