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I am fascinated by all of the holidays here! We went to the Paderne Freguesia to do some paperwork, and it was Corpo de Deus! Being non-religious, I hadn't thought to check since the only holiday I knew of in June was Portugal Day. We did get to see a parade through the town center and to the church, which was cool. I did try the cm-paderne.pt and nothing came up, but using Albufeira worked!

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I hope there are a healthy dose of holidays in December.

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Christmas celebrations begin the first week of December. The lights and Christmas Villages and Markets are very special.

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Why Portugal does not substitute or include other religious holidays:

Catholicism (81.00%)

Protestantism (0.84%)

Eastern Orthodoxy (0.63%)

Other Christian (1.82%)

Islam (0.23%)

Judaism (0.03%)

Other religion (0.32%)

No religion (6.84%)

Kind of surprised that as a religion major this wasn’t part of your research before moving here. Suggest looking into the history of Muslims and Jews in Portugal. They play key roles in eras of expansion and decline, and their absence today is an important part of why Portugal is the way it is.

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